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My favourite finds for glassware

I love helping people find cool stuff! I will be sharing posts on a few of my favourite picks of different furniture and décor categories that I have found locally (Vancouver) or online. I’ll share links where you can find items in Vancouver and if you aren’t local, you might be able to order them online. Happy shopping!

For my first post, and since we are approaching the holiday season and can now start to entertain at home again surrounded by our friends and family this year (finally!) I wanted to start with some cool glassware and cocktail glasses I’ve found to mix up those specialty holiday cocktails or just refresh your kitchen cupboard glasses. Here are some of my favourite looks in glassware….

Ripple Glass by Firm Living

This is a Danish brand that has been making the Ripple glass for a while but I never get tired of seeing it, which is a character of good timeless design. The Ripple comes in a tall $100 for a set of 4 and shorter version, $80 for a set of 4. These 1930’s modern styled glasses can be used for everyday use or transitioned into classy cocktail glasses. The good news is they are dishwasher safe! The Ripple glass can be ordered through Vancouver Special

Cirque Glass at CB2

If you like a little weight in your hand, the Cirque glass is for you. Handmade in Poland with a thin wall and a heavy curved sham base detail. A more economical option at $9.95 and $10.95 CND but still elegant looking glass. And if you have little kids, maybe don’t use this for the chocolate milk. These can be ordered online through CB2 website.

Tundra Glass by Dougherty Glassworks

If you’re looking for something a little more obscure, these handmade Tundra Glasses by Cameron Dougherty of Dougherty Glassworks are made in Vancouver. They are available in 2 sizes and come in various tones as well. Each one will be unique with its own thumb groove. For locally crafted and designed you will pay a bit of a premium for these but they are quite a statement. The Tundra glasses can be found at The Vancouver Art Gallery Store or at Walrus


The Usurai, blends simplicity and strength with this heat-tempered glass. Great for everyday use at the kitchen table and reasonably priced. Made in Japan and dishwasher safe, these come in 2 sizes and are sold in sets of 6 which make them a practical choice for family use. Available through a local Vancouver shop, Old Faithful, the Usurai, is available in small, $84.95/set of 6 or large size, $94.95/set of 6.

Alma Double Old-Fashioned at C&B

For a little character on the table Crate & Barrel is a good source for designer-inspired glassware. The Alma Double Old-Fashioned is available in four different hues of colour with its beaded texture, gives a vintage feel which can mix nicely onto a modern table. A fun gift idea for the holidays with its range of colour options. Priced at $11.95 CDN for both sizes and available online at Crate & Barrel

Share your comments and ideas with me. Any categories of furniture you’re interested in looking for a list of options? Drop me a note!

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