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Dining Room Chairs…

Seems like dining room chairs are a popular yet perplexing item for some people to shop for. I do believe that your dining chairs should complement your table, while still keeping in mind the form and function you want your dining chairs to serve. Some functions are important qualities for some people but not all. They are, i.e., comfort, durability (if you have young children), easy to wipe up spills (again if you have small children or adults who are clumsy eaters, like me), arms vs. armless, small size vs. a wide seat, are all things to consider when looking at the right chair to suit your table and your needs. I’ve been known to sacrifice comfort for good design, guilty! But it boils down to what are your priorities and if design lines are more important than function.

I picked out a broad range of different looks and price points of chairs. My list is not a top-rated or best value list, just chairs I feel are well designed and look good based on different functions. If you have any questions, drop me a note on my site or leave a comment below. I’ll see what I can do! Ok, here we go…

Korento by Conde House

The Japanese-inspired design of the Conde House has been around for over 50 years. Crafted with a combination of precision and handcrafting methods. The Korento is available in natural solid wood, available in Japanese Oak Natural/Dark Brown/Gray Wash/Dark Gray/Black. Locally this chair is available to order customer options through a local dealer. Prices may vary depending on the finish and style.

Decade Chair by BluDot

This chair is a versatile chair that can work in a kitchen nook or dining room area and is a great option if you are looking for something durable and easy to wipe up spills. The Decade chair has unique curve lines that make it different from the run of the mill and I love that it’s made from 100% recycled material. You can pick from seven different colour options and the price is very reasonable at $129 USD. And it’s stackable! The only drawback is this chair is only available as a side chair (armless). The Bludot Decade chair is available to order online through their site: BluDot

Pub Chair by Bensen

This is one of my favourite chairs because it delivers both a comfortable upholstered seat and a modern simple design. This chair comes in lots of customized upholstered options and wood frame colour choices of Ash, Black Ash, White Oak or Walnut. It is on the higher price side but a chair that will last the test of time. I also love that Benson is a Vancouver-based design studio and their furniture is manufactured in Italy, so you know quality and detail will be a focus. Bensen is available through select dealers across Canada and the US. Customize options can be viewed on the Bensen website for the Pub Chair

Era Armchair by Ton

Designed by Michael Thonet for Ton, this is a great way to add some character to your room. Might be a little more traditional at first glance but it can work nicely into a modern room. Sturdy construction suitable for commercial and residential use, the Ton chairs designs are classics and have been manufacturing their iconic bentwood styles for over 150 years. They are made in the Czech Republic and come fully assembled. The price for the solid wood option is $430 CDN and can be ordered online.

Form Armchair by Normann Copenhagen

If you love a Danish or Scandinavian look, consider the Form Armchair by Normann Copenhagen, a Danish design company that has been around since 1999. Known for simple yet boundary-pushing design, I do gravitate towards a lot of their products. It can be sometimes hard to find in Canada and slightly higher price points but worth the investment. The Form chair comes in a variety of base finishes, Oak, Walnut and Black Lacquer as well as upholstered or polypropylene seats customizations. Depending on materials the price can range anywhere from $575.00CAD – $1,170.00 CDN. The Form armchair is available through select dealers in Canada.

Molded Shell Sidechair by Bertoia

Designed in the sixties by Harry Bertoia these are molded nylon seat shells and welded steel rod frames that come in 4 different seat colour options and 3 different bases, black, chrome or white. I love the idea of mixing the colours up for one table setting to give a playful feel. Great kitchen seating chair as it doesn’t take up too much space but is comfortable and form-fitting. Priced at $445 CND and available to order online through DWR.

Embrace Armchair by Carl Hanson & Son

If comfort and luxury are your jam, look no further, than this chair. It’s a wooden structure with soft upholstery to create an elegant dining chair that is so expressive, it can function as a stand-alone piece in any room. Available with solid oak or walnut frame in a variety of finishes, and in leather or fabric upholstery. Pricing will range depending on the customization. Look for local dealers of Carl Hanson & Sons to inquire about pricing.

For more information or inquiries, reach out to House of Ace


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